What is bail?

Bail is an amount set by a judge that guarantees your appearance to future Court proceedings.

What does a bondsman do?

A bail bondsman is called when the person cannot afford the amount of bail set by a judge. Bondsman charge a percentage, usually 7-10%, to put up the bail money required for the accused.

Do I need collateral?

Most bail bonds can be done without the need for collateral, however, some do require that. Please call for a free consultation specific to your case.

Can I use collateral instead of paying a fee?

No. Pennsylvania law requires us to charge a minimum of 5% of the bail amount. Some bondsman may take collateral up front as a guarantee of payment of the 5% but the 5% fee must be paid.

Do I get my money back after I go to Court?

No. The fee that the bondsman charges is non-refundable in most situations. If you have unusual circumstances please call the office to discuss the situation.